GOST R Certification Process

Before starting to GOST R Certification process you have to understand what is GOST R Certification,

GOST R known as GOvernment STandard Russia. GOST R standard was delivered by the government of the Soviet Union as a major aspect of its national standardization system and later embraced by the CIS. GOST R declaration requires overseeing exchange Russia. GOST R also called as identification for your merchandise required in Russia. GOST R is the legitimate quality certification framework in Russian Federation. In different words, it is called as GOST-R Certification. GOST R certification is mandatory for a wide scope of items.

GOST R certification is planned to give security and high caliber of items and administrations to customers. This privilege of the Customer for security and quality is ensured by the required accreditation of local as well as also outside produce. Produce that enters the region of the Russian Federation and that is liable to compulsory affirmation as indicated by the enactment of the Russian Federation must meet the prerequisites of Russian accreditation framework. The certificate can be substantial for a one-time-just shipment or for a time of 1 or 3 years.

GOST-R Certificate is required for use at

  • Products sold in retail
  • Places like industrial kitchens or laundries (to obtain an Operational License)
  • Production Facilities and Factories (to obtain a Work and Production Permit)
  • Constructions (to obtain an inhabitation license)
  • Russian Federation and Belarus customs (compulsory)

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Does GOST R Certification is Necessary?

Normally, Certificate is essential for:

  • Customs house
  • Selling and using at the Russian market

The certification procedure for items and administrations may be mandatory or intentional. Accreditation framework had been made to ensure Consumer’s privileges and dodge the import of low-quality items. Affirmation law builds up principles and standards which must be met to get GOST-R certificate. There are likewise guidelines saying which items are subjects to required accreditation and which may have an intentional declaration.

As per the goals of the State Customs Committee of Russia from 01.10.2000, generation of outside producers brought into FR should fulfill the national quality guidelines, in this way is a subject to confirmation. Confirmation GOST R relates to determined items or modern action of the organization. Declarations are issued on a base of ability results, so items which very much experienced the confirmation procedure have no troubles while enlisting at customs.

All the above data demonstrates why Russian organizations and companies can’t work with items with didn’t get GOST-R certificate.

Benefits of GOST R Certification

  • Customer wellbeing.
  • It helps to enhance brand image and market value of the company.
  • Supports to reach the Russian market easily.
  • Customer fulfillment.
  • Money-saving and time-saving process.
  • The reputation of an association increment.
  • Limits hazard.
  • It helps to acquire the Russian market.
  • Counteracts Wastage of assets.
  • Saves cost.
  • Permit to exchange the Russian market.
  • Opens another market for the business.
  • It helps to reduce the hazard, deserted items, and harms.
  • The advantage of International stature to your item.
  • Better Retailing opportunity in Russia.
  • Encouragement of foreign trade.

Requirements of GOST R Certification

  • Conduct Product testing
  • Scrutiny of requirements
  • Application for certificate
  • Carry out inspection
  • Verify product safety and quality
  • Evaluation of the product
  • Take enforcement actions
  • Make quality enhancement, if required
  • Internal audit
  • Testing of products and safety
  • Classification of requirements

What documents are needed to estimate cost and terms for a GOST R Russia certification?

The initial step while in transit to GOST R certification is to see precisely how Russian law or the EAC guideline characterizes creation, which is the reason there are four things of data required:

  • Name of the product
  • Customs Product Code
  • Brief description of the product
  • Manufacturer declaration of conformity
  • Samples of the product (if necessary)
  • Later on, in the event that you choose to continue with GOST certification, an ISO declaration of congruity ISO or a CE Marking of your item might be required, yet just in a couple of uncommon cases.

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GOST R Certification Process

These declarations are given by the Certification Organs which is licensed by “The Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology”.

To make the GOST R Certification process simple. You should hire a consultant when a consultant received your application they will guide you and your business through the following steps.

  • Testing
  • Documentation & Test Report
  • Process Audit
  • The procedure of Production Analyses

For the greater part of the items, a few examples will be sent to Moscow for the vital test as per the Russian standards.

  • Certification and beyond 





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