Frequently Asked Questions about Brexit and the new UKCA Marking

1. What is the UKCA? 

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) Marking is another UK item checking guideline that will be utilized instead of the CE mark in the UK market.

2. What is the current status with the execution of the UKCA mark? 

The UK has left the EU and the current change time frame after Brexit concludes on 31st December 2020. From 1st January 2021, the UKCA imprint can be utilized on items put on the UK market. The UKCA Marking will apply to most merchandise that is presently liable to CE Marking.

While the UKCA mark opens up from first January 2021 (whereby makers will be allowed to check their items with UKCA Marking (subject to the pertinent evaluation being directed)), to permit organizations time to change, CE Marked merchandise in the extent of UKCA, that meet EU prerequisites, can keep on being set on the GB market until 1st January 2022, whereby EU and UK necessities continue as before. This will incorporate, for instance, items guaranteed by an EU Notified Body.

The change period is rigorously time-restricted and the advice is for organizations to be prepared for full execution of the new UK system as quickly as time permits after 1st January 2021, including engaging the services of a UK-supported body.

3. Given the above mentioned, will the UK acknowledge CE-marked products? 

Indeed, for a restricted period. Until 1st January 2022, CE-marked products will be acknowledged on the UK market. Third-party supported items bearing the CE mark should be given from an EU Notified Body.

4. What will the real appraisal and Certification measure resemble? 

While we anticipate clear direction from the UK experts on this, we expect the evaluation and Certification interaction will work in fundamentally the same as way what exactly is present to be given.

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5. Which records are required for the evaluation? 

Documentation that is utilized in the appraisal cycle will imitate that of the CE mark in the EU market so the records for CE imprint ought to be adequate, with suitable alteration to incorporate the UKCA Marking.

6. What amount of time will such an evaluation require? 

Timing will be founded on the audit of the application information, and the accessibility of such information. If it’s not too much trouble, contact Ascent ASSOCIATES for additional subtleties.

7. Can or would it be advisable for me to check my item as UKCA consistent at this point? 

The UKCA mark can’t be utilized or set on items until 1st January 2021. In any case, complete appraisals and certificate preceding this date, with the goal that your item can be set apart as UKCA agreeable from first January 2021.

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8. Is the UKCA mark acknowledged inside the EU? 

No. Items presently requiring CE Marking will in any case require a CE mark available to be purchased in the EU from 1st January 2021.

9. I have CE marked item in stock. Am I ready to put this item on the UK market without a UKCA mark? 

Indeed, subject to any outsider endorsement that upheld the appending of the CE mark being situated in an EU Nation. Further, this stock would need to be put available preceding the finish of the January 2022 progress period.

10. How do I affix the UKCA mark to my product?

In most cases, UKCA marks need to be affixed to the product itself. As mentioned above, some provision has been made for the UKCA mark to be added to accompanying documentation instead of the product until 1st January 2023, after which, UKCA marking must be affixed to the product.


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