What is ISO 14001?

A widely accepted standard for an environmental management system is ISO 14001 (EMS). The requirements for reducing and enhancing an organization’s environmental effect are outlined in this standard. The organizations first put the norm into practice in 1996. Controls are suggested by the ISO 14001 Standard for processes that influence the environment. Using environmental resources, managing environmental trash, and energy use are a few examples.

The worldwide standard known as ISO 14001:2015 outlines the criteria for a successful environmental management system or EMS.

Organizations can follow a framework provided by ISO standards. Organizations are free to choose whether or not to abide by any of the ISO standards.

What is ISO 14001 for?

The primary goals of ISO 14001 are to outline the specifications for the EMS and offer instructions for its implementation. The standard provides a planned action for enhancing the environment within the organization.

A set of publications known as ISO 14000 deals with the establishment of an environmental management system (EMS).

  • Learn more about the whole family of ISO 14000 Standards.
  • The criteria of an EMS according to ISO 14001:2015
  • EMS Guidelines, ISO 14001:2015
  • Guidance on a phased approach

Essentials of ISO 14001

The following fundamental components are part of the ISO 14001 environmental management systems standard:

Management assessment of environmental policy, planning, implementation, and operation, as well as checking and corrective action.

An environmental management system evaluation, which includes applications for environmental management systems, is the first step in environmental management system awareness. It then looks at the specifications for environmental management systems and offers advice for use, including but not limited to:

  • Components of an environmental management system
  • How to implement a management system for the environment
  • Costs of an environmental management system
  • Environmental and quality management systems that are combined
  • Improvement of the environmental management system

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Benefits of adopting ISO 14001 Certification

An environmental management system example must begin with a broad strategic perspective and commitment by management to handle both the short-term and long-term effects of this activity. The International Organization of Standardization (ISO), a global organization that develops many different kinds of standards, has created a series of standards to assist with the implementation of environmental management systems to assist individual businesses with this process, reduce implementation costs, and ensure acceptance by other organizations such as customers, local and national governments, and the general public.

An organization or business can control its environmental impact methodically by using an environmental management system. Because of the enhanced productivity and efficiency, the company can save more money. The ability to achieve a high degree of environmental performance that demonstrates an organization’s entire commitment to reducing environmental waste, pollution, and the energy consumption is another major advantage of implementing the ISO-14001 environment system. Other major advantages of adopting ISO 14001 Certification are:

1. Lower costs as a result of greater environmental efficiency

2. Reduction in environmental obligations

3. Reduced risk from the environment

4. Enhanced organization’s capacity to compete in the world market.

By granting certification, the registrar is certifying that the entity’s environmental management system has been evaluated and approved following the requirements of ISO 14001 Certification in Sri Lanka and is specifically applicable to the industry in which they operate (i.e., manufacturing a specific type of product or offering a specific service). You can use the certification mark you obtain once your organization has been certified on your stationery and websites.

Why third-party 14001 consultancy?

The tools, training, and documentation you need to self-certify your business for ISO 14001 are available from hustle free. Numerous businesses all across the world have adopted this effective system.


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