Quality Management System – QMS

Quality management is different activities and tasks within an organization to achieve and maintain a desired level of quality within the organization. It helps to act to ensure that the products and services offered are consistent. The primary focus of any organization is to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations and needs resulting in customer … Continue reading Quality Management System – QMS

About ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 is a globally acknowledged standard that helps to grow your business by implementing food safety management. ISO 22000 Certification also includes common essential aspects of HACCP for the smooth conduct of the ISO 22000 Certification. ISO 22000 Certification is a broader concept than HACCP Certification. HACCP is a single part of ISO 22000 … Continue reading About ISO 22000 Certification

GMP Virtual audit during Covid Pandemic

There is no standard for GMP audits that suggest that the audit conducted by the consultant should be only on site (practical based). Due this deadly pandemic situation of Corona the Consultancy firms are carrying out the virtual audits for their clients. Nevertheless, these remote audits have become routine for all those who want their … Continue reading GMP Virtual audit during Covid Pandemic

HACCP Certification overview

HACCP is a process control system where hazards might occur in the manufacturing process, to prevent the hazards from occurring. By strictly monitoring and controlling stringent actions of the process, there is less chance for hazards to occur. HACCP is traditionally implied in Food management for the identification, assessment, and control of safety hazards. HACCP … Continue reading HACCP Certification overview

GMP compliance in drug packaging and labeling

A key issue for highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and life sciences is consistency and adherence to the rules and standards of current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).GMP compliance helps the organization to incorporate the same requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and other requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) about the pharmaceutical industry such … Continue reading GMP compliance in drug packaging and labeling

ISO 13485:2016 Transition Challenges: A Small Manufacturer Perspective

​A straightforward Google search of "ISO 13485 Certification transition" will lead you to plenty of information, tool compartments, experts, and agendas. These are extraordinary resources accessible to assist organizations with finding out about the significant corrections, and they can fill in as an incredible beginning stage, yet the data isn't generally a "one size fits … Continue reading ISO 13485:2016 Transition Challenges: A Small Manufacturer Perspective

Terminology of HACCP Plan Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Terminology of HACCP Plan: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Given the rapid scientific progress in the field of worldwide food preservation and manufacturing technology, and the subsequent improvement in food quality control and safety systems, theories of modern systems have arisen. These frameworks represent considerable authority in guaranteeing sanitation through an incorporated framework from raw materials engaged with assembling activities to the finished result … Continue reading Terminology of HACCP Plan: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

ISO 9001 Certification- Recertification

ISO 9001 Certification is a piece of the ISO 9000 group of guidelines and the alone standard that characterizes prerequisites for a Quality Management System (QMS). Organizations conform to standards like ISO 9001 to feature their skill in offering items and management of good quality and to follow laws and guidelines of the public authority. … Continue reading ISO 9001 Certification- Recertification

What is an ISMS? Reasons why you should carry out one

​If you like it or not, each business is an objective for the cyber digital attack, and that incorporates yours too. Information breaks are turning out to be more extreme, yet numerous organizations expect they won't ever experience one. Nonetheless, assuming you need to secure your business you need to take on a 'when not … Continue reading What is an ISMS? Reasons why you should carry out one