The Importance of BIFMA Certified Furniture

​Guidelines improve items and administrations, more secure, and simpler to utilize. For example, when you go out to eat, you expect that the café has norms for their client care, the tidiness of their foundation, and the nature of their food.

Shockingly, not all principles are legally necessary. This is valid in numerous businesses, including the workplace furniture industry.

What Are BIFMA Standards?

Norms inside the workplace furniture industry are overseen by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA). Their responsibility is to guarantee office furniture is business-grade and can stand 8+ long stretches of the utilization of hours each day.

Tragically, these standards are intentional, so large box stores like Staples and Office Depot don’t need to submit to them. This may not make any difference such a great amount with work desks and shelves, yet it does concerning office chairs. Disregarding these guidelines implies these organizations produce modest office chairs that are simply intended to be utilized for a couple of hours and leave their clients in discomfort and pain.

What BIFMA Certification Standards Include

There are numerous things that BIFMA Certification tends to do when choosing whether to guarantee office furniture. These include:

• Safety
• Sustainability and social obligation
• Durability and strength
• Recyclability and reused content
• Chemical content and emissions
• Reliability
• Overall quality
• Flammability and electrical parts
• Material and energy productivity
• Environmentally conscious plan
• Waste and water management

What a BIFMA Certification Test Entails

BIFMA Certification tests are thorough, so to provide you with a thought of what their testing interaction resembles, here is an illustration of certain tests

Performed on office chairs:
• Base security
• Seat drop
• Back pull
• Swivel cycling
• Tilt instrument testing
• Arm and back toughness
• Caster toughness, turn and rolling

Solely after a seat passes through these assessments (and then some) will it be BIFMA certified.

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Advantages of BIFMA Certified Furniture in the workplace

There are many advantages to choosing BIFMA certified items other than safety, for example,

• The inner serenity you get realizing you have bought a top-notch and painstakingly tried and high-quality item
• BIFMA certificate guarantees a solid and enduring item that will last numerous years
• These items advance a solid workplace, which can build efficiency and diminish business-related wounds.
• Most BIFMA certified items convey a guarantee of 5 years or longer

BIFMA Certified Products at Office Furniture Source

A considerable lot of the items sold at enormous box stores will say they “meet BIFMA Certification prerequisites.” This isn’t as old as BIFMA certification, so next time you buy office furniture, you should be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt the packaging states it is BIFMA certified.

Assuming you’re hoping to supply your office with new chairs that will not leave your workers in pain, exceed everyone’s expectations and buy furniture that has been BIFMA certified guaranteed. BIFMA Certified office chairs and furniture ensure your employees are safe and comfortable.

BIFMA Certification is evaluated in 3 levels- LEVEL 1, 2, and 3 for environmentally preferable and socially-responsible office furniture. The higher the number, the more criteria to consider by the organization while purchasing office or workplace furniture.

A Comprehensive Certification

BIFMA LEVEL works by applying necessities – or requirements – for all items in the classification. The framework considers corporate, office, and item impacts across classes including ecological, wellbeing and health, and social effects. It’s a broad framework with numerous ways of amassing focuses.

The scope of this BIFMA Certification has positive environmental impacts too.


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