So what does a CE Marking on toys mean?

In this short article, we’ll briefly explain what does CE Marking indicates, what has to be CE marked, and exactly what CE Marking Certification means on toys.

What is a CE Marking and what needs to be

All new products that are to be placed in the European market need to comply with one of the EU Directives to self-certify for its authenticity. Bearing a visible CE Marking is the symbol of safety and compliance with all EN regulations. 

First of all, let’s define what exactly a ‘toy’ is. “Toys tend to be items designed or meant (whether or not solely) for use in play by children under 14 years of age.

There are particular kinds of products that fulfill the definition of toys but are excluded from the range of the regulations and they are:

  • Playground equipment designed for general public usage
  • Automatic playing machines, whether coin-operated or perhaps not, intended for general public usage
  • Model vehicles designed with combustion motors
  • Toy steam motors
  • Lings and catapults

These are the requirements that are for all toys to be sold. The toys must

  • Satisfy the safety that is essential within the EN regulations
  • Be properly marked to ensure traceability
  • Bear the CE Mark
  • Be accompanied by instructions to be used, and warnings where essential
  • Technical documents and a description associated with the conformity evaluation technique used for each 

A manufacturer is required to carry a security evaluation out and examination before placing a toy in the marketplace. Based on CE Marking Certification

  • Determining mechanical and properties which can be real 
  • Testing for flammability 
  • Testing for chemicals 

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Are all toys officially tested for CE Marking?

Written down, yes, all toys are required to confirm with all of the regulations stated. But, this is a self-certification process. The makers are needed to accomplish evaluating that is detailed and document all examination details and findings. Where toys have been shown to conform to the fundamental safety demands the company must draw an EU declaration up of conformity to follow along with the construction layout.

How do we check if an item is CE certified?

The more obvious way is only to check if the CE marking is shown on the item labels. 

It will often be shown either from the product itself or on regarding the packaging or perhaps the instructions or information that comes with the merchandise. You’ll request a certificate of conformity and/or a declaration of performance if you believe that a manufacturer is misusing the CE level. 

So are all toys with CE Marking safe for our children?

Generally speaking, for anything you buy within the EU Nations, all manufacturer producers have to pass the safety guidelines that are necessary for toys as per the DU Directives.

 A lot of toymakers will hire third-party assistance for examination that is independent to perform all CE Marking evaluation requirements as it’s very a complex thing to do.


As explained, all toys that are offered within the EU area must keep a CE Marking. And there is a complex procedure required for the toymakers and makers to perform the evaluating on brand new services and products available in the market before they are allowed to offer them. We hope this short article will allow you to gain a far better knowledge of what is CE Making Certification. 

So, to place or willing to take your business globally you need to comply with their regulations for the concern of safety and security of your products.


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