Effectiveness and Importance of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System in COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus 2019 condition (COVID-19) is a recently appeared pandemic set off by a novel virus. The region that is breathing mainly suffering from this disease and it is very dangerous because of its communal nature. This illness has notably impacted the wellness of person economic tasks globally. The unavailability of disease cure medication at the moment for this disease underlines the necessity that is immediate establishment of brand new approaches to manage the disease’s spread.

World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 as a concern that is worldwide community health emergencies. It’s affected all sectors of life terribly by making a total lot of dangers and snatching options. The foodstuff sector is among the significant sectors that necessary to overcome the diverse difficulties regarding the pandemic with a struggle to produce safe and secure meals. Food sustainability, food safety, and meals security tend to be strongly predicted with this pandemic.

Food Safety

The food industry needed to run a foundation that regularly ensures meals safety, security and continues maintaining the meals offer sequence. One of those guidelines focused on addressing the many authorities accountable for Food Safety Management System, particularly the HACCP Plans, great hygiene practices/Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000 Certification) which are evolved in past few years.

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In parallel, various other studies are also updated and developed worldwide and to verify the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 in food sectors. According to WHO, the primary mode of transmission for this novel virus is human to human; therefore it has ultimately influenced the whole foodstuff sector. ISO 22000 standard criteria have several important components that concentrate on great hygiene methods, personnel’s health, and a working environment this is certainly safe.

Role of Management

Several studies have been conducted when you look at the international world to gauge the effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System i.e. ISO 22000 Certification. The researches indicate that ISO 22000 Certification response through the Coronavirus pandemic has been marketed and acts as a base element for safety for continuity of business. It was figured that organizations with ISO 22000 Certification or other meal protection management methods like HACCP Certification, FSSC Certification have answered much more rigorously in taking steps being preventive fight Coronavirus 2019 within the working environment.

Hygiene and staff awareness turned out to be two critical indicators in tackling the COVID-19 in food organizations and also this can provide an influence that is major food safety. The industries with food safety management methods or ISO 22000 Certification implementation revealed having rigid, much more aware employees, and qualified personnel regarding hygiene and meals protection administration and operation control. Despite all problems and difficulties, meal protection is not negotiated within these industries at any time. These businesses were supposed to be much more symmetrical with arranged programs, a tracking system for health problems, and a COVID-19 pandemic for disaster functions.


The outbreak of a severe pandemic that is COVID-19 created extremely hard circumstances for several sectors of life and even the food sector is suffering from this. This problem has placed the food sectors in a challenging position to maintain food safety, food sustainability, and meal protection together with the safety of working staff. The food industry made efforts to use the condition in order following the guidelines of the WHO and many various other sectors which are public/private. It can be figured the companies ISO 22000 Certification implementation revealed much better overall performance, with full of trust ranks without reducing the ongoing health protection of working staff and meals protection. Thus, it’s suggested to food sectors to make usage of ISO 22000 Certification or any other meals protection administration methods to face out in this situation that is tough maintain their trust and integrity.

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